Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Day #4 A Christmas Love Story!

The wait is over! 4th December has finally arrived! (well, at least in Malaysia) And we would like to welcome you to TH! Entertainment, Hallo! On this wonderful month of December, we're giving you a chance to win a special Tokio Hotel jersey top designed by us. As how we'd like to call it, a boyfriend jersey, can be fitted to you as a tank top or even a dress! Yes, you can wear it out with pride alive, carrying the sir names of your favourite Tokio Hotel member or should we say fantasy boyfriend? ;p So, how can you win this? As you know, we are all about words ..hence, our competition has got to be related with words! May we present to you, the Day 4 of the #AliensChristmasGifts event hosted by us.. A Christmas Love Story!

Prologue/Introduction: Imagine spending Christmas with Tokio Hotel .To celebrate the joyful Christmas eve filled with love together with Bill/Tom/Georg/Gustav, how would it be like?

We want you to write a simple love story of you and your favourite Tokio Hotel member celebrating Christmas together! Be it spending a fun Christmas with your boyfriend or losing your one true love on a Christmas eve! Get inside your world of imagination now and unleash your creativity! The best imagines out of all will win the jersey and not to forget, we will publish your love story on our blog! But before you start writing it out, here are the RULES & REGULATIONS you need to obey in order to enter this competition without being disqualified;

- This competition is open worldwide, all Aliens around the world are welcome to join!
- Only one entry per Alien. You cannot send more than one entry.
- All entries must be submitted in English ONLY.
- All entries should be sent in a doc. format (MicrosoftWords) with Arial font and
   font size "12", Maximum 2 pages.
- All entries must include a title for your story.
- All entries must be written in the theme of love.
- You are obliged to write as anyone's point of view: either you or the band members.
- Strictly no dirty imagines (as to respect the band): twincest, relationship between
   band members are not allowed!
 eg. "I put my hand on his lap and he quickly shifted into a static position." - Accepted
       "My hand went directly onto his dick, he completely went on a hyperventilating      
        moment with a steamy face." - Not Accepted

Only the first 500 entries will be entertained! So, hurry up and be the first one to send before 14th December 2013! Email us your Christmas Love Tale at And don't forget to attach these personal infos of yours in the email (this is to make our job easier on the winning process);
Home Address: 
Favourite Tokio Hotel member (one member only):
Twitter Page: 

Be creative as we'll be judging the story based on your creativity of how you pulled out a love tale of a special Christmas day spent with your one and only, love, who happens to be one of the band members of Tokio Hotel! Good luck! May the best, sweet and romantic storyline that would swoon us on our feet or a melodramatic sweet love tale that would made us cry an ocean of tears, wins! ;)

Further enquiries or if you have any questions about this event, don't hesitate to ask us on our Tschuss!

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